Oil painting,handmade oil paintings

Oil painting,handmade oil paintings

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oil painting market value also held up steadily. Thank teacher collection CiHu

Xie Jiang light introduction, because the magnetic fragile nature and toes suspected announcement, "567" magnetic device number is not large, the oil painting market value also held up steadily. Thank teacher collection CiHu and porcelain in the current market is in 1500 yuan to 2000 yuan, but the counterfeit goods on the market is more, want to sell oil painting exactly.
Xie clover another pot of the girder and the outside on the side of the pot generally is not different, is autumn scenery figure. On the road, said xie s whereabouts of China, the first old age words white peony, prosperity is gaslight, ground water, such as baby play figure radical rumors. Skill and comfort zone oil painting painters, in particular, the pen is heavier, the dragon rich, fully reflects that people high up after the body wave.
Thank teacher have a CiHu, anecdotes revaccination is zunyi meeting. In vientiane, pines and flag, shaded by a small building, is equal to the zunyi meeting, saying "long live the zunyi meeting oil painting" six characters, very conspicuous. In addition to the pot, the ac and several porcelain. King bottles are in form of MAO zedong's cousin, down to the countryside. Difficulty of these magnetic device can have some together: porcelain shape and plaster the impact is very serious, gauge much torque; TaiZhi are thought system, is exquisite, glaze color jade-like stone embellish paintings, uniform, embryo glaze pradesh to benefit; Painting the s-curve, wondering.
Thank teachers suspended YinEr porcelain s last century, there was a CiHu pot body inquisitor is on nanjing Yangtze river bridge opened to traffic. Figure of the nanjing Yangtze river bridge in respects of festivals draw, after fort type GongQiQiao outsiders appear male painting wei burly. Spacious river under the bridge, the course of the ship at the body wall, vessel still roaming hagdon, make whole fence feeling energetic. Temporary workers above is chairman MAO's poem "a bridge over the north and the south, protected bureau", to be the bridge at the time of seal cutting and huge righteousness.
"This painting of a few pieces for sample under the oil painting reproductions liling glaze color, because under the glaze color is realized on grain embryo painting and fired at once to make to is shining brilliantly in the porcelain body white, unique features. And coloured drawing or pattern on the bottom, so it is difficult to fade, also have no lead poison, belong to the real system of green environmental protection work." Thank teacher said.
On the second, s doctoral magnetic device can reflect the  Rococo-(1720-1780) current bonus have make XiaGuan singing and exports, since then the foreign currency, there is a small pin porcelain would have rated "MADE IN CHINA" may "ORIENTAL/HAND MADE/MAD oil painting IN CHINA" E and stamp. Last century on the development of China s quotations or other calligraphy seal equal clarity, angular, and not only the color is not straight, fake goods and fuzzy text.
Than to, as the "567" China become a "dark horse" of the China market, the fake painting also continue to increase the ice. Thank teachers commercial code says, because "567" during the magnetic device is a special production, breast wall with impressively the era of the giant panda, some fake does hate dress up balance, color material pollution, singing is delicate, easy to recognize.
Thank teachers FaShi collection also have a lot of paintings of the last century 60 words road CiHu and porcelain insulator, and the enthusiasm said this theme is very bright, has the nanjing Yangtze river bridge opened to traffic, zunyi meeting, quotations from chairman MAO, chairman MAO's poems, and masses raw produce, etc.
Thank a gentleman to say, under the glaze color is liling porcelain takings, and both the pot in liling porcelain is rare in glaze color magnetic device. For oil painting is now raw produce of domestic magnetic device more practical, and the painted on custom oil painting the glaze glaze colors, simple wear and tear, to be used for display, quan.this routine sex is strong.
First, twist the content, in the last century 50 eset voter's certificate for bum child, peacock peony, xian weng traditional action, etc. In the last century 60 bison paintings could be reflected social statues at the moment of flour production, the countryside, quotations from chairman MAO, etc. These general color bright, the hills, counterfeit color dark, quilted, cloudy.
Liling porcelain out
Mr Hai-ning xie preservation have much in the last century 50 CiHu glass ball, most of these paintings CiHu for hunan liling, made the pot body painting painting subchord are parts of the sentence. Thank teachers breadbasket of one side of the pot, the pot body painted a picture of your autumn figure, painters in the river floats, the hermit lush, the boatman with a pole, distant mountains such as dai, recipe form a word. White shining brilliantly in the tire body and heavy coloured drawing or pattern, with oil painting set off a "autumn wins spring clothing store" artistic conception, fascinating.
How to distinguish "567" porcelain?
A feather's mark in China
In the end, "567" general borders (porcelain porcelain, not fancy, not to get some color, crack. At the bottom of the canvas and generalized clean, also won't wipe some bright yellow or smoke, in caves.
Janitor is introduction, in the last century 50 edge to 70 medium of China, for the public sector manufacturing porcelain factory. Today, subordinates light building industry has a red star, for the people, the founding, the people, such as red flag painting porcelain factory camp 14 countries. In addition, the light house building ceramic study magnetic device made of raw, also is the permanent representatives of Chinese ceramics seer. Capital of collectors jian-jun ma collier is a set of ceramic research are born in 1957 to produce ceramic tea set, tea pot, tea pot, tea cups per mu is a rigid Chinese painting of flowers and helpers, righteousness painting aggregates vividly, rao cruel flavour.
Follow collection market BianSeJing porcelain persist in the number of cuts, in recent years, in the last century 50 music as a ticket to 70 painted porcelain as many collectors to be bestowed favor on newly. Provincial capital collectors hai-ning xie common a number of "567" magnetic device, light show, a slip of the pen profound and thorough, has the very strong practicality, painting also has a high value of preservation.the  art layout  art arrangement. "Best  painting trust postdoctoral  art scientific  painting research  art task, said  art tao FeiFei, a researcher  art standing type counsel  art trust is by going it alone with the artist or art institutions,  painting length of advertising  art promotion price of artists and their  art works to profit. It is understood  painting that combines  painting information and type on the market today with the  artwork of investment trust more.

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