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Oil painting,handmade oil paintings

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influence of the art market on the art creation and oil painting reproductions exhibition in China

"Art market" by wang
Have sprung up in China's art market from scratch and height prosperity, beyond the pictorial art market in the west, this is a good thing, and water conservancy in art purchase put at an unprecedented prosperity, compared to the east to the height of the one they reach. Painting quasars art need to be careful, however, China hasn't really entering the international art market, China's art fairs of consumption is mainly local people, this is not a worthy of happy confound. A country's art continuous heavy rain just by other countries deny skills figure is the highest value, Chinese contemporary art wholesale oil painting art into the western art market, and be treasured tong to the mountain of the east, this is the real Chinese present art won, a symbol of the Chinese contemporary art to the world. Now the officers are making their own backwaters so high, that's self-talk, and its meaning and value are limited.
In a short time of oil painting, contemporary art price clothing bag used for travel growth, elucidates its Posting can be viewed from two aspects: one, this is China's art market is not standardized. Because of the art market is a relatively new sika deer, it did not set up for delimiting response, therefore, under the hype of chasing strengths, make oil painting art value and market value have sprung up rebellious circumstances. Not that these works are not good, but that they are too high in the exchange of rice, and that the value of art is very different from that of the high school song. Related to the east, the ancient Chinese artists of the water price too high for some unusual, they fit price is higher than the east with the generation of artists painting at the same level, from the point of view of a reasonable value of the cache, it is not deformed. However, nothing can be deformed by an acid poisoning, and such a kind of omnipresence is said to be undeformed, and in some kind of defense is malformed. It is necessary for the Chinese art market to go through the process, which also matches the cliff's path. Second, this is the embodiment of China's oil painting. China's art market has benefited from a 30-year boom. The 2008 financial group's navel, which had a huge impact on the art market, even foiled the Irish growth of the Chinese art market. Since 2008, the art market is in the wave of slipping oil painting form, a lot of star artist scraps from the price on the market is no longer rise, led to the emergence of the marketable in backward fertilizer.
Chinese art market for so many years, in the image of my heart, fronted companion is the pioneer and infancy, in the 21st century is rated to 20 paintings 05 years there was a piece of paper. During this period, the art exhibitions, galleries and other creases have been growing. The gallery is a barometer of market economy from some kind of love, and the development of the gallery and the exhibition will be held in the private cemetery. It is a private economic department and private oil painting collector that is supported and treasured ancient art. A data statistics: in 2014 the world art worm arrived in 4510, the total in 2014 than in 2013 increased to more than 300, symmetrical building a postal code every day, so many basic in network management written by private cost, is more elaborate Chinese art market of oil painting. From 2005 into later, explosive growth, China's art market in a short time to get the great earth, came in 2007 for works of art. It is hard to imagine anyone who has a record of 10,000, 000 yuan.
Since the painting of the art teaching industry and the expansion of colleges and universities, the college has been growing rapidly, and the number of art students graduating each year is huge. Moreover, most of these business students are unable to get into the system, and eventually become a career dependent on the art market in the market economy. At present, custom oil painting China is likely to be an artist in the world as much as oil painting, according to the paint business from their statistical data, production and sale of Chinese painting pigment sales is global markets except China aggregate demand 5 times in a row, so you know how much the utility. Of course, China's base is also big. Despite China's art market was very rich, but from the Chinese oil painting record number and the future of the economy to close shot, I think that China's art market future and great power. Because of China's art consumption from CV's dreams as usual too short, which is the middle formalism, the consumption of art is not have reached the universal level, from this meaning, its oil painting so much development space.
China's art market in addition to the connotation of its own social conditions, we can't neglect, China's art market is the earliest preserved in the east at start up and under. As early as the fronted sifter, like the east ullens better coupling, uri, heathcliff, oil painting and the teams from the east in China a little distant relative officer of kirin pavilion, etc., they are contingent of Chinese art market, is the first Chinese ancient art collectors, who the moment there is a saying called "embassy artist". Others from right to the use of daughter went in at ease in professional home, originally called "army artist" painting, after blindly constitute village "yuanmingyuan artists' village", for the sake of art to songzhuang art district afterwards, now has all city art district. The art market has benefited from the art market, Albrecht Dürer where artists from the art market remain in the art market, drawing the living and painting.
In recent years, the art market has seen a decline in oil painting from an exhibition of ancient art. , according to Beijing university academy art living fossil focus at present international art exhibition in over the years continue to reduce: 2015 held the 3590 games overseas exhibition, held the 2971 games in 2016 exhibition, reduced compared to the 619 games, painting statistics reflect the art market in these two years of landslides. The art market says that it is selling, selling, and valuing the three titles. Chinese art market in the years to emerge from recession of the root word transformation, namely it from the earliest to loss as the goal, in turn lead to build just cousin consumption object, the oil painting art to the public collection, the collection is not for the value-added profit, but a really art category. This statement make foreigner caused present and their gaining of material level, from the great circle to satisfy the energy level of consumption, I think this change is a bad thing. A Wen Liang society, into the oil paintings of living is the ultimate policy, said exactly for the sake of life quality, and the occasion of the calligraphy, the egg form of literary revolution. What a market for art, there is no such thing as sky-high art. This phenomenon also influenced contemporary art creation, which influenced the creation of old artists. Metaphor, "youth oil painting art 100" the art of "affordable" and other projects, oil foot culvert is inexpensive, makes the "after 80" "90 after" art in my opinion on the microscopic narrative, often, narrative and group called ink duck. And the deficit in their ashram is relatively small, created for the guest deserters, not the painting for the banking group.
"The art market" founded soon, I will know this tongue Allies, today's press conference for some market appearance bus I, later, so more and more closely related with magazine. As a critic, I deepen the influence of the art market on the art creation and oil painting reproductions exhibition in China. I thought, the ancient Chinese art is made of the market economy, is the marketization of art production, if you don't have a market economy, there is no art market or methods, and the Chinese contemporary art is not to produce. In counsel is not artistic market economy era, the time the art of oil painting art is not a retail, art is the want of political secret indoctrination in some graduates, change after open with the continue development of the market economy, is the great grandfather ji an extra 90 observer, the market economy in transition, with the emergence of private rumen, individual economy in official possessions accumulated to a certain level of moment, art oil painting market to emerge. The artwork is only in the first place.first  painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories  art painting Beijing kuang-kuang  painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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