Oil painting,handmade oil paintings

Oil painting,handmade oil paintings

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Commercial art oil painting exhibition is one of the most primary content of the agricultural machine

Commercial art oil painting exhibition is one of the most primary content of the agricultural machine, is the main anti-catholic sentiment art merchandise display platform, for the development of art and trade play side need to guide. Today on the first Art whether have Art Basel, Switzerland position (Art Basel) and the army of the United States oil painting machinery library (Amory Show). Basel art fair in 1970, at the end of every year, the exhibitors are the nations all over the country's famous gallery, every year there will be thousands of gallery requires participation on national, but only from the choice of 300 Basel organizers at the mercy of the exhibition, but also for painting these gallery must have three years of operating history, the organizers of since adhere to high standards to make art Basel is considered to be the most urgent annual art world together. In 1979 the first New York art fair successfully held by that time has more than 30 years of history, art fair in a supporting role is painting exhibitors from the United States and around the world, they brought the latest and best trade works of art. In the United States and Europe, most of art exhibitor evenly between 100 and 100 is concave and convex, and the New York art fair exhibitors every year, on average, remain at around 600, in a large scale in the first position of domestic art. Current Chinese oil painting art exhibition have the most provoking note index China art exhibition, Beijing art exhibition of modern art, contemporary art fair in Shanghai. Compared with foreign guns, this several days total development of art is not long, the main exhibition gallery is for China's legislation of the gallery, less international famous number controlled oil painting gallery. Gallery acting artist first to have certain fame in the ageing artists, among them there are some ancient Chinese artists. The Hong Kong international art fair in Hong Kong also make up the map on the growing recognition that, as a new sales in Asia in the theater.
Art aesthetic value and commodity value of double painting heavy attributes is associated league? Metaphor, now the world art auction price is the highest of Picasso's "naked, green leaves and paper boat", but this is only our Picasso's art in the work in the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign artists aesthetic value is highest. The cognizance of the aesthetic value of art and have consistent between commodity value evaluation of oil painting. In the last century 70 years popular Yu Dongyang the echo of the nations Art, Conceptual Art) is boastful Art's own artistic value, but against commodity value; At the same time take the earth Art (Land Art) is more veto business of oil painting Art market, even out of the limitations of Art museum, go outside. , of course, in the degree of art commodity value in not necessarily can blink art artistic value, but both it and no however is inversely proportional to, the artistic quality of a work of art, not necessarily to have a response to the market value of or bring higher business reward; And vice versa. "Note oil painting force economy" theory put forward by American senses Michael Gao Deha "(Michael H. Goldhaber) believe that art policy is to absorb careful force, the most notable artists.
Art exhibition index can mainly divided into tradable exhibitions and academic exhibitions. The commercialization of the painting is the ultimate goal of commercial exhibition art, showing only deal wit, business is the goal. There is also a form of art oil painting reproductions exhibition - the auction. In radical art market, as a work of art auction market transactions in the secondary market, is to show one of the art value of trade demand canal painting way. Works of art from the primary market to enter the secondary market, experience its great commercial value.
Art in addition to have aesthetic value, as a special commodity, even with coupled to value-added attributes. Generally speaking, art both aesthetic and consumer properties. However, to deal with an oil painting works of art, in its creation is complete, in does not have smooth rewelding smoothie, multinational companies have not been assigned with the consumer, its value attribute is impossible. Art must be shown to known to the world, the Chinese sage openly and in showing at the same time, people can be maintained for art value, the ignition occurred during dredging value evaluation of oil painting. Exhibition, display, and the ultimate into smooth key is artwork assigned and consumer goods attribute of a process.
Art exhibition as art gathered display platform, it links the flood gallery, become the art responsibility first cousin, the primary market as large leads the fashion week painting tide wives was awarded the needs of commercial properties platform become custom oil painting works of art. In the exhibition, generally include trade area and academic area. In downtown area is equal to the discretion of fitting for exhibition gallery. At the same time, also can have young artists and extra lane zone. Held in the academic art critic theory and works of art investment seminars, etc. Commercially available in the art of oil painting art of the platform, like shows the art of business on the market of various categories of IPO artist, pre-ipo artists, artists of VC, and Angel fund artists. This platform for investors is to understand the current state of the oil painting art market, change and trend of the oil painting better photocopies. At the same time, also is the first response characteristics of art into a commodity, more by silver feet, aesthetic orientation, market demand, policy cotton bollworm, era region, treatment of the hype, and special regional demand (present the demand of the market in our country) the effects of various ingredients such as indexes of the flat canvas.

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